Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Abbey Road Expands With Online Mastering Service

The legendary Abbey Road studios, famous for recording seminal albums by the likes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd, have launched an online mastering service which will allow new acts to submit their recordings via a secure server. Engineers at Abbey Road will then mix the tracks using the studio's mastering suites.

”It’s easy for new bands to undervalue the importance of quality mastering, but it really is the final stage of the recording process and getting it right makes a huge impact to the sound of your recordings," Alex Wharton, Mastering Engineer at Abbey Road, said.

"Abbey Road's been responsible for mastering some of music industry's most influential albums but in addition to Pink Floyd and The Beatles, we've also worked with new talent like Babyshambles, The Last Shadow Puppets and Lightspeed Champion, and we're so excited to be able to offer this same level of quality to the young bands out there that could be the bands to watch in the future."

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Incidentally, the Beatles' Abbey Road was originally going to be called Everest and the cover shot was going to be taken in the Himalayas. In the end, however, the band decided to shoot it outside their recording studio instead.

From 2003 onwards, U.S. versions of the sleeve have been produced with the cigarette in Paul McCartney's hand airbrushed out - the result of pressure from anti-smoking campaigners.