Friday, August 21, 2009

Aerosmith Strike Over Tyler's Drinking

Aerosmith have pulled a strike on singer Steven Tyler after he fell off the wagon and went back to heavy drinking – resulting in the fall off stage which led to the band’s U.S. tour being cancelled.

Sources close to the Boston band have revealed Tyler was “partying hard” before he lost his footing and wound up with a broken shoulder. Since then, his band mates haven’t heard directly from him, and are instead receiving daily email updates from his management – a separate entity from Aerosmith’s management.

One band employee told a reporter: “Truthfully, he’s a liability for the band. He’s uninsurable because of all the accidents and cancelled dates.”

Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer are understood to have suspended work on their upcoming album after video and photos of Tyler appeared on the web, showing a gaunt, wasted figure buying alcohol in a liquor.

The source continues: “All of this didn’t happen overnight. The fall was just the final straw. Everyone is very worried about him.”

Rumours within the extended Aerosmith family suggest that Tyler is surrounded by people who “think they’re going to cash in on the guy.”

He signed a personal management deal with UEG who now control communications between the 61-year-old frontman and the band’s own management, Howard Kaufman and Trudy Green. He’s believed to have been persuaded to sell his publishing company recently for an amount considerably less than its long-term value.

It also seems that Perry – who was once a half of the hard-living ‘Toxic Twins’ duo with Tyler before sobering up – isn’t waiting for evidence of his band mate’s recovery. That’s why he continued working on his solo album while the Aerosmith one was postponed.

Now promoting that solo release, Perry has been asked for details of Tyler’s injuries by several media outlets since the tour cancellation. But he’s only been able to make vague statements including: “We’re being told anything from four weeks to two months” and “We don’t really know what’s happening with Steven.”