Friday, August 14, 2009

Jimmy Page Unveils New Songs In 'Loud' Doc

When he gathered with U2's The Edge and Jack White to play together for the new film It Might Get Loud, Jimmy Page wanted to have more than just his old favorites to jam on. So he produced "a couple of sort of sketches," titled "Embryo No. 1" and "Embryo No.2" that the Led Zeppelin founder says represent the first step for some new music in the not-too-distant future.

"They just go to show I didn't go in there thinking, 'Let's see what we can get away with from the past?'" Page says. "It was quite important, I felt, to actually have something that shows I'm still working on the guitar relative to just doing 'Whole Lotta Love' or something like that. It was more 'Let's show a complete picture,' so you've got that kid (a young Page on British TV) playing at 14 and you've got me playing on some things which are really pretty current for me."

Page says the two pieces remain in a, well, embryonic state, but he acknowledges that he's "played them with other musicians relatively recently, in the last year or so" and that he envisions getting into the studio soon to continue working on those and other new songs.

"This year I've had quite a lot of things going on," Page explains, "sort of things relative to preparing for projects. There's a lot of groundwork that's been going into that so that I can be getting on with things next year. I really intend to be doing some playing seen, if you like. If you've got ambitious projects, they take time to put together if you're going to do them properly."

Meanwhile, Page is looking forward to the roll-out of It Might Get Loud, which was on the film festival circuit earlier this year and opens on Friday, August 14, in New York and Los Angeles. The movie, directed by Davis Guggenheim, focuses on the three guitarists individually and also brings them together for a summit of discussion and playing that Page says "was quite a good time" -- and, not surprisingly, included more music than could be fit into the documentary.

"It's inevitable there'll be a DVD on the horizon," Page says. "There'll be some extra stuff from the summit, that's obvious. I know there's another number I did. There was a lot that was played at the summit, that Edge did, I'm sure, and Jack. I'm sure there'll be a DVD, and I can tell you with a certain confidence there'll be extras because that's the way things work these days."