Monday, September 29, 2014

Black Sabbath To Record New Album, Take Final Tour

Black Sabbath apparently wants to go out on a high note.

Despite the success of its last album, 2013's 13, the iconic heavy-metal band plans to "do one more album, and a final tour," frontman Ozzy Osbourne says.

Osbourne estimated that the group will begin working on the album early next year, "sooner rather than later." One issue is the health of guitarist Tony Iommi, still undergoing cancer treatment.

But Osbourne is considering his own future, as well. After a "great experience" with the last tour, he recalls, he asked wife/manager Sharon, because "if there's no more Sabbath I want to get on with my own thing." When she had no firm response three weeks later, "I said, Sharon ... If we're going to do I want to do it before I'm 70!' Time isn't on our side! So she made the call and came back again and said, 'Yeah, the company wants another album.'"

Osbourne expects that the band will once again work with veteran producer Rick Rubin.