Friday, September 5, 2014

Suzi Quatro Box Set To Be Released In October

The Girl From Detroit City is a beautifully presented 4-CD boxed set, celebrating an amazing 50 years in the music business for rock ‘n’ roll queen, Suzi Quatro.

The 82 tracks on offer here span the whole of Quatro’s career, including three songs by the Pleasure Seekers, the all-girl rock band Suzi formed along with her sister Patti and signed to Mercury Records in 1968. Her massive chart hits from the 1970s also feature, including the ‘Chinnichap’ numbers, "Can the Can," "48 Crash" and "Devil Gate Drive" and a whole wealth of material from the 1970s onwards, through to tracks from her critically-acclaimed 2011 album, In The Spotlight, which witnessed her reunion with producer, Mike Chapman; highlights of which included covers of Goldfrapp’s "Strict Machine" and Rhianna’s "Breaking Dishes," plus a Chapman number, "A Girl Like Me," which he wrote especially for her.

The Girl From Detroit City comes complete with fascinating up-to-date liner notes, tracking Quatro’s career from the outset to the present day, and it presents a wealth of album and poster artwork and photographs, including a shot of her incredible vintage Ray-Ban collection!

Suzi Quatro was the most successful female artist of the entire glam rock period (her style and music were not really glam, but this was the era and her influence on subsequent generations of female rock musicians are widely acknowledged. It’s been well-documented that Chrissie Hynde and Joan Jett both drew inspiration from Suzi but so have many others, including Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth, who was encouraged to learn to play bass by listening to Quatro albums and, more recently, KT Tunstall revealed that the cover photo of her 2007 album Drastic Fantastic was based on Suzi’s image.

In celebration of Quatro’s 50th year in the music business, the BBC will be hosting a special performance of her one-woman show, Unzipped, in London on Friday, September 26. It will be recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday, October 2..

On September 29, Cherry Red will also release the single "The Girl From Detroit City" on digital download only. This song was recorded in 2013 and is exclusive to this compilation.

Suzi Quatro has no intention of slowing down. She’s about to embark on another massive live tour and, in 2015, she will finally publish her poetry in a book called Through My Eyes.