Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Runaways' Jackie Fuchs Criticizes Chrissie Hynde's 'Really Dangerous Message' About Rape

After Jackie Fuchs came forth with the story of her own raping at the hands of her former Runaways manager Kim Fowley, she has become somewhat of a public spokesperson on rape in the music industry. Now, she has shared her thoughts on the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde's recent comments about rape, calling it a "really dangerous message."

Hynde stirred controversy with comments suggesting victim-blaming and actually self victim-blame in press copies of her new memoir, Reckless: My Life as a Pretender, that were emphasized in a recent interview with the Sunday Times magazine. In that interview, she claimed rape victims should take responsibility, saying, "If you play with fire you get burnt. It's not any secret, is it?"

In response, Fuchs told Yahoo Music, "I found myself being surprisingly angry" after reading Hynde's statements. "Don't put your heroes on pedestals. But I don't want to cast a stone at Chrissie Hynde -- just at that one particular statement. Because it's a really dangerous message."

Fuchs continued on, saying, "It bothers me, because I don't know that she's gone out there and talked to [other] rape victims. If you had seen the messages that people sent me, so many of them were about 'I've always thought it was my fault.' We already think that anyway. So this is just telling people who've recently gone through this experience of being raped or abused, 'Yeah, you're right, it is your fault.' But there's no such thing as asking for it. And poor judgment is not an invitation to rape, nor an excuse for it.

"I know so many women who were raped while they were drunk or high, and they all blame themselves. To say that a woman can't misjudge how much she's drinking, or dress in a way that makes her feel good about herself for fear that men aren't going to be able to control themselves, or that she has to be able to know who is dangerous and who isn't, is asking an awful lot of men and women — especially young people."