Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Final Album From Gong & Soft Machine Co-Founder Daevid Allen To Be Released

On February 12, Purple Pyramid Records will release the final album from Daevid Allen, co-founder of Soft Machine and Gong. The album, Elevenses, was recorded with the Daevid Allen Weird Quartet, brings together Allen with Don Falcone of Spirits Burning, Michael Clare of Daevid Allen's University of Errors, and drummers Trey Sabatelli (the Tubes) and Paul Sears (rhe Muffins).
This is the second album by this band, following 2005's DJ DAY, released under the band name “Weird Biscuit Teatime.”

Elevenses is the last band album that Allen worked on before his death, in March of 2015. It is a mixture of styles of music found throughout his career, with a few surprises: a blues song in 7/4, a catchy Irish-tinged folk song, ambient and explosive instrumentals, a post-punk rave-up with Daevid's final message on a record.

The Daily Telegraph said, “Allen reveled in being the court jester of hippie rock and never lost his enthusiasm for the transcendent power of the psychedelic experience. He once remarked, 'Psychedelia for me is a code for that profound spiritual experience where there is a direct link to the gods.' That he never attained the riches and fame of many of his contemporaries did not concern him.”