Monday, February 29, 2016

The Rolling Stones May Play Havana In March

Cuban cultural officials have announced that the Rolling Stones will perform in Havana sometime during Easter week. The confirmation of the show, which has been rumored for months, was first posted on a Cuban television news Facebook page on Feb. 26, and followed by an article in the official newspaper Granma which proclaimed the concert “will be a historic moment that will open the doors for other great bands to arrive in Havana.”

A U.S. source with knowledge of the situation says the deal had not yet been finalized.

According to the Cuban reports, the Stones will perform on the grounds of Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva, a sports complex built in 1957.

Talk of a Stones concert has been spreading around Havana since Mick Jagger visited the city last October.

The band is currently on its "Olé" tour of Latin American stadiums. If the Rolling Stones do play Cuba, it will be after two shows in Mexico City on March 14 and 17, the last dates currently announced on the group's website.