Saturday, May 28, 2016

Neil Young Clarifies Comments About Donald Trump Using His Songs At Rallies

Neil Young has clarified comments in which he appeared to say he was fine with Republican nominee Donald Trump using his music at rallies. 

Trump used the musician's track "Rockin' In The Free World" at the launch of his campaign to run for the White House, prompting Young to issue a cease and desist against the politician.

Young then backtracked, saying: "Once the music goes out, everybody can use it for anything."

"The fact that I said I was for Bernie Sanders and then [Trump] didn't ask me to use 'Rockin' in the Free World' doesn't mean that he can't use it. He actually got a license to use it. I mean, he said he did and I believe him. So I got nothing against him."

Young clarified those comments in an interview with TV's Stephen Colbert. Trump may have legal right to use Young's music, but that doesn't mean the sognwriter is happy about it.

"I didn't like that idea because of the misogyny and the racism," Young told Colbert of his music being associated with the politician.

The Canadian also said he was so vocal about the upcoming US Presidential election despite not being able to vote because "I'm a neighbor, and as such I'm affected by what happens, even though I live [in Canada]."