Thursday, August 25, 2016

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan To Reissue Solo Albums On Vinyl

On October 7, Demon Records will release The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982 box set from Gillan, the band formed in 1978 by Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan. 

The set will feature five albums (seven LPs), including Mr Universe (1979), Glory Road (1980), Future Shock (1981), Double Trouble (1981) and Magic (1982).

Ian Gillan expressed deligh with the vintage feel of the finished product: “It’s a wonderful thing, vinyl… Best held in two hands and treated with respect, as you place it carefully upon the turntable. You just bought something significant, not easily disposable. And look at the sleeves. Aren’t they cool? Read the lyrics and enjoy the artwork, while you are in the groove. No computers involved in the making of this music…enjoy”.

The 180g heavyweight vinyl records will all be exact replicas of their first pressings; Future Shock, Gillan’s highest scoring album, reaching No.2 in the UK chart, will include the same 16-page booklet as featured in its original release.

An exclusive edition available via Amazon will also contain a bonus 7” single for "Spanish Guitar."

Other Gillan classics featured in this priceless collection include "Sleeping On The Job," "No Easy Way," "Trouble," "Mutually Assured Destruction," "New Orleans," "No Laughing In Heaven," "Nightmare," "Restless" and "Living For The City."

Check out the trailer below for The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982...