Friday, December 15, 2017

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Shares Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Rejection Letter

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has shared the rejection letter his band received after being overlooked for next year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Earlier this week (December 13), it was announced that the five acts to be inducted in 2018 are Bon Jovi, Nina Simone, The Cars, The Moody Blues and Dire Straits. Sister Rosetta Tharpe will also be honored at next April’s ceremony, inducted into the Hall’s Early Influences wing

Judas Priest were overlooked alongside the likes of Radiohead, Kate Bush, Rage Against The Machine, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, MC5 and LL Cool J.

In October, Halford expressed his feelings in the video below about being nominated. "Everybody has an emotional opinion about he Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It's probably the same about baseball, basketball and ice hockey about who be in and who shouldn't be in." 

He added, "It's an honor to be nominated. If we actually do get in, you're in place that's full of giants in music."   
Responding to the snub, Halford told Phoenix radio station 100.7 KSLX that he would have “loved” to have been picked and thought his band “deserve it.”

“We’ve put our 10,000 hours in and more,” he said. “Beyond that, we just feel that heavy metal music deserves more space on shelves at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

We were thrilled and honoured to be even nominated,” Halford added, “so it’s kind of bittersweet. We got the nomination, which is something of a recognition for the work that you’ve done, but we didn’t quite get in this time, but I’m hopeful that eventually we’ll get some more metal.”

Here is the rejection letter:

Thank you for embracing your nomination for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While you didn’t garner enough votes for induction this year, you were part of a very select group of Hall of Fame nominees. Artists are frequently on the ballot multiple times before they are inducted. For example, Black Sabbath were nominated eight times before their induction, Patti Smith seven times, Solomon Burke nine times, and both the Beastie Boys and The Yardbirds were on the ballot three times before their respective inductions.

If you are touring or simply traveling nearby, please visit our museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Our six floors of exhibitions tell the remarkable history of rock and roll and how it changed the world. You’re part of that story and we’d love to share it with you. Again, congratulations on your nomination.

My best,

Greg Harris, President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The 33rd annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will be held on April 14, 2018, at Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2018 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

The Moody Blues, Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straits, and Nina Simone are the 2018 inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the organization announced Wednesday.

Gospel pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe was chosen to receive the Award for Early Influence.
For The Moody Blues, the honor comes after years of fans harping that the group deserved recognition. The band became eligible for the honor in 1989, and "in 2013, a Rolling Stone reader poll listed the Moody Blues as one of the top 10 bands that need to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," according to the organization.

To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first commercial recording at least 25 years prior to its induction year. That means the 2018 nominees must have released their first official recording no later than 1992.

To choose the 2018 inductees, an international voting body of more than 900 artists, historians and members of the music industry received ballots, and the top five artists selected comprised a "fans' ballot" that was tallied along with the other ballots.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2018 Inductions ceremony will be held on April 14, in Cleveland.
SiriusXM will carry a radio broadcast of the ceremony, as well as special broadcasts throughout the year devoted to inductees past and present. HBO will broadcast the ceremony, with details to be announced later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Four-Disc Super Deluxe Edition Of Roxy Music's Debut Celebrates 45th Anniversary

On February 2, 2018, Roxy Music's self-titled 1972 debut album will be released in an expanded 45th Anniversary Edition packages by Virgin/UMe, As a triple-CD, single DVD Super Deluxe Edition box set; a double-CD and digital Deluxe Edition; and a 180-gram vinyl LP Edition.  - 

From the first lines of the opening track, "Re-Make/Re-Model" -- "I tried, but I could not find a way, looking back all I did was look away" -- to the final "Should make the cognoscenti think" lyric of the closing song, "Bitters End," it was immediately clear that Roxy Music's first record was an album of note.

By the time the record dropped, on June 16, 1972, the band had fewer than ten gigs to their name, they had no two tracks in their repertoire that were alike, and critics simply couldn't pin down their influences. As Richard Williams said at the time in Melody Maker, "If Roxy Music go very much further, they'll be one of the great success stories of modern times."

45 years later, with the group's involvement, we get an opportunity to assess the album and listen as Roxy evolved and developed. The box set provides a thrilling insight into the world of Roxy Music in 1971/1972, starting with the demo tape that caught the attention of writer Richard Williams that ultimately led to their deal with EG Management and then Island Records.

Included are the John Peel BBC Sessions which saw the group honing their craft as they prepared to record their debut album. The second CD in the set captures something very special with unheard glimpses into Roxy's working methods in the studio. Alternate session versions are offered for every album track, plus their first single, "Virginia Plain."

The original album is presented in the 1999 Bob Ludwig master, while the remainder of the audio has been mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios.

The set's DVD includes promos and BBC TV appearances, as well as rare footage of Roxy at the Bataclan Club in Paris in November 1972, the only surviving visual document of this line-up live on stage. To round off the audio/visual elements of the set, lifetime admirer Steven Wilson has mixed the album into 5.1 DTS 96/24 and Dolby AC3 Sound.

The box set also contains a 136-page book, featuring many rare and previously unpublished photographs and an essay by aforementioned Guardian journalist and author Richard Williams, the man who first wrote about the group in Melody Maker in 1971.

Speaking today about the band's debut, guitarist Phil Manzanera commented, "At 21, my musical dreams came true, recording this album with these wonderfully talented and unique band members. Magical times, magical music."

Saxophonist Andy Mackay recalls, "Late '71/'72 Roxy was our Arts Lab.  The place where we exchanged ideas and dreams freely and created and explored a new sound landscape. We stepped into Command Studios with a complete album in our heads (and half the next one) and it only needed the tape to start running… no album was as easy to record again."

Drummer Paul Thompson: "The first Roxy Music album was my opportunity to create. I wasn't used to this type of line-up, I was used to being in guitar-based bands but always wanted to broaden my horizons and here was my chance. A landmark in the history of pop!"

Looking back on the album, Bryan Ferry reflected, "We never really felt accepted, I can see how the old guard would have felt threatened by it, because it was so jammed full of ideas and a massive amount of energy. But we hadn't paid our dues, not in the same way. And we're still not a part of it, not really, even to this day. That's been very hard over the years, to try and make it work without being one of them. The 'them' is always different, but we're not part of it. It's been one of the triumphs, that we've managed to stay sane. Or sane-ish. We're a part of it all, somehow, but still on the outside."

For more information, go to:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Jethro Tull's 'Heavy Horses' Gets Expanded Steven Wilson Makeover For 2018

In 2018, Jethro Tull will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To kick off the anniversary year, a 40th anniversary 'New Shoes Edition' of 1978's Heavy Horses has been prepped and boxed up as a triple CD, double DVD set to be released by Parlophone Records. This edition will feature the original album, plus additional studio recordings, live material and an extensive new booklet.

Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition will include:

- Three CDs and two DVDs of studio and live recordings
- An extensive note about the writing, recording and touring of the album
- Track-by-track annotation by Ian Anderson
- Lyrics for the album and bonus tracks
- Interviews with musicians Maddy Prior, Darryl Way, and studio engineer, Colin Leggett
- A recording and touring chronology from January 1977 to November 1978

Released between Songs From The Wood (1977) and Stormwatch (1979), Heavy Horses was the second in a trilogy of folk rock albums from Jethro Tull. Lead singer, songwriter and flautist Ian Anderson explained its particular focus on horses and agricultural life saying, "as a child, my big passion was to get off the leash and explore the local wooded and leafy suburbs. So it didn't suddenly become new in 1977, it was just that the subject matter fitted what I wanted to write about at the time."

Upon release, Heavy Horses was a Top 20 album on both sides of the Atlantic. Commercial success was met equally with critical praise for its melodies, instrumentation and Anderson's signature flute playing.

This anniversary edition features the original album with nine additional bonus tracks, seven of which are previously unreleased. Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition also contains a live concert from May 1978, and two DVDs which feature the original, bonus, and live tracks all mixed to surround sound by Steven Wilson and Jakko Jakszyk. A 96-page booklet covers a history of the album and corresponding tour, complete lyrics, rare photos and exclusive interviews.

Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition

Track Listing:

CD 1 [A Steven Wilson Stereo Remix]
1. ...And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
2. Acres Wild
3. No Lullaby
4. Moths
5. Journeyman
6. Rover
7. One Brown Mouse
8. Heavy Horses
9. Weathercock

Associated Recordings:
10. Living In These Hard Times (Version Two)*
11. Everything In Our Lives*
12. Jack A Lynn* (Early Version)
13. Quatrain* (Studio Version)
14. Horse-Hoeing Husbandry*
15. Beltane
16. Botanic Man*
17. Living In These Hard Times (Version One)
18. Botanic Man Theme*
* Previously unreleased material

CD 2: Live In Concert In Berne, Switzerland, May 1978 - Part One
[A Jacko Jakszyk Stereo Remix]
1. Opening Music (Quartet)
2. Introduction by Claude Nobs
3. No Lullaby
4. Sweet Dream
5. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
6. Jack In The Green
7. One Brown Mouse
8. Heavy Horses
9. A New Day Yesterday
10. Flute Solo Improvisation / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Bouree
11. Living In The Past / A New Day Yesterday (Reprise)
12. Songs From The Wood

CD 3: Live In Concert In Berne, Switzerland, May 1978 - Part Two
1. Thick As A Brick
2. Hunting Girl
3. Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll
4. Conundrum
5. Minstrel In The Gallery
6. Cross Eyed Mary
7. Quatrain
8. Aqualung
9. Locomotive Breath
10. Dambusters March / Aqualung (Reprise)

DVD 1 [Audio/Video]
Heavy Horses full album plus the additional:
- Living In These Hard Times (Versions 1 & 2)
- Everything In Our Lives
- Jack-A-Lynn
- Horse-Hoeing Husbandry
- Beltane
- Botanic Man & Botanic Man
- Quatrain (Stereo Only)

Mixed 5.1 DTS & DD surround sound and 96/24 LPCM stereo.

DVD 2 [Audio]
Jethro Tull recorded live to 24 tracks at The Festhalle, Berne, Switzerland by The Maison Rouge Mobile mixed to 5.1 DTS & DD surround sound and 48/24 LPCM stereo
Promotional video footage for the tracks "Heavy Horses" & "Moths". and two period TV ads

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gregg Allman's 'Song For Adam' Video Released On 70th Birthday

A biker reminisces on an old friendship in an emotional video for Gregg Allman’s cover of Jackson Browne’s “Song for Adam,” released Friday (Decemeber 8), which would have been Allman’s 70th birthday.

The ballad about a man discovering that his friend committed suicide accompanies a beautifully-shot video with an warm-toned nostalgic feel.

“I still remember laughing with our backs against the wall, So free of fear, we never thought that one of us might fall,” is heard as the biker rides down long winding roads with his buddy on motorcycles, and flashes to the quiet life he leads as an old man.

The song, originally released in 1972, was inspired by Browne’s friend Adam Saylor. The two rode from California to New York together, and Saylor died the following year after jumping from a hotel in Mumbai.

Allman’s take on the track was featured on his September 2017 posthumous album, Southern Blood. Watch the video below:

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Limited Edition Live Greg Lake Set Now Available

Manticore Italy Records has released the new live Greg Lake Live In Piacenza album as a limited box set, as well as on CD and vinyl. Recorded in sound-demonstration quality, this is the documentary of Greg Lake's last tour, recorded on November 28, 2012 ar the sold-out Teatro Municipale in Piacenza, Italy. 

It was a very special evening as Lake remembered in his outstanding autobiography, Lucky Man. The audience was so warm and he gave such a passionate performance. The Mayor of Piacenza and all the municipality attended the concert and thanked Lake for opening the “Musiche Nuove in Piacenza” festival. On January 9, 2016, the trustees of Conservatorio Nicolini of Piacenza gave Greg Lake the first honorary degree ever bestowed by a Conservatorio.

Bringing the Songs Of A Lifetime project to its highest point, Lake performed with three special guests at this show: Le Orme's leader Aldo Tagliapietra, ex PFM and Acqua Fragile vocalist Bernardo Lanzetti, and the young talented Annie Barbazza, making the Piacenza show even more special and rare. It was Lake's wish that a precious, audiophile limited edition would re-launch the Manticore label.

Lake recalled in his book: "One outstanding memory I have of performing Songs Of A Lifetime show in Europe was on 28 November 2012, in the small city of Piacenza in Italy. The concert took place at a wonderful theatre there, the Teatro Municipale, which looks rather like La Scala in Milan with beautiful gold balconies and crystal chandeliers. I love Piacenza, and the Conservatorio di MusicaGiuseppe Nicolini there awarded me an honorary degree in 2016 for the way that King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer helped to bring classical music into young people’s lives - what an honour.

"The show at Teatro Municipale was recorded and I decided to release a special collector’s edition of it on vinyl. Somehow the event, the feeling of the music and the atmosphere all seem to be suited to being reproduced in this analogue way.

"Max Marchini recorded and produced the concert in Piacenza and together with Max I decided to restore Manticore Records label for the production and distribution of high-quality vinyl recordings." 

Live In Piacenza is available as:

  • Very limited double premium audiophile vinyl in 700 hand-numbered copies, gold hot foil lettering.
  • Very limited CD in 1600 hand-numbered copies, gold hot foil lettering.
  • Very limited Box Set in 500 hand-numbered copies, gold hot foil lettering containing: double vinyl in clear audiophile edition, CD in audiophile gold limited edition, 10 in-folio photographic prints, original concert poster and ticket, exclusive video DVD documentary of the concert, Greg Lake logo sticker.

01. 21st Century Schizoid Man
02. Lend Your Love To Me Tonight
03. From The Beginning
04. Heartbreak Hotel
05. Epitaph/In The Court Of The Crimson King
06. I Talk To The Wind
07. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
08. Touch And Go
09. Trilogy/Still... You Turn Me On
10. I Believe In Father Christmas
11. Shakin’ All Over
12. C’est La Vie
13. People Get Ready
14. Lucky Man (featuring Annie Barbazza, Bernardo Lanzetti and Aldo Tagliapietra)
15. Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression, part II)

Live In Piacenza is available for purchase at Manticore Italy Records:

Friday, December 8, 2017

Aerosmith's Joe Perry Releases Single From Forthcoming Solo Album

Joe Perry, guitarist, co-founding member, principal songwriter and co-producer of Aerosmith, has premiered a single called "Aye, Aye, Aye" from his forthcoming solo album, Sweetzerland Manifesto due out January 19. 

The gritty rocker "Aye, Aye, Aye," which features Robin Zander of Cheap Trick on vocals, can be heard below.

Set for release on his own Roman Records imprint (distributed worldwide by AMPED Distribution), Sweetzerland Manifesto, which is available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon, marks Perry's sixth solo album and features 10 new tracks.

The songs were written or co-written by Perry (many with the album's guest vocalists), except for a cover of "Eve Of Destruction" with the guitarist on lead vocals and Johnny Depp on drums. The album features guest appearances from a long list of friends, colleagues and rock and roll icons.

Highlights include "Aye, Aye, Aye," which Perry co-wrote with the track's vocalist Robin Zander, and three collaborations with David Johansen, who sings "I Wanna Roll," "Haberdasher Blues," and "I'm Going Crazy," plus as many co-writes with Terry Reid whose lead vocals light up "I'll Do Happiness," (with Zak Starkey on drums), "Sick & Tired" and "Won't Let Me Go."

Sweetzerland Manifesto was recorded at Studio 1480 in Los Angeles and produced by Perry and Bruce Witkin, with Johnny Depp serving as executive producer and additional help from associate producer Jack Douglas who co-wrote and co-produced a number of tracks. It was engineered by Witkin and Tony Perry. The album was mixed by Tony Perry with Ari Blitz serving as assistant mix engineer at After Master in Los Angeles.

On the album, Perry also teams up with sons Tony and Roman on "Spanish Sushi," which was produced and arranged by The Perry Boys with Joe on guitars and bass, Roman adding synthesizer programming and Tony handling drum programming.

The Sweetzerland Manifesto track listing is as follows:

Rumble In The Jungle (instrumental)
I'll Do Happiness (featuring Terry Reid)
Aye, Aye, Aye (featuring Robin Zander)
I Wanna Roll (featuring David Johansen)
Sick & Tired (featuring Terry Reid)
Haberdasher Blues (featuring David Johansen)
Spanish Sushi (instrumental)
Eve Of Destruction (featuring Joe Perry)
I'm Going Crazy (featuring David Johansen)
Won't Let Me Go (featuring Terry Reid)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Jimi Hendrix Album Coming In March 2018

On March 9, Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release Both Sides of the Sky, a dynamic new Jimi Hendrix album featuring 13 studio recordings made between 1968 and 1970 — 10 of which have never before been released. The album will be released on multiple formats including CD, digital, and as a numbered 180 gram audiophile vinyl. 

Both Sides of the Sky is the third volume in a trilogy of albums intended to present the best and most significant unissued studio recordings remaining in the music legend's archive. Beginning with Valleys of Neptune (2010), which earned top ten sales rankings in fifteen countries (including a top position of #4 on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart), followed by People, Hell and Angels (2013) which peaked on Billboard's Top 100 album chart at #2. Billboard's coveted number one singles ranking went to "Somewhere," the album's lead track and the legendary guitarist's highest ever US singles chart achievement. This third release is anticipated to complete the spectacular recording event in epic fashion.

"Since Experience Hendrix began its restoration of the Jimi Hendrix music catalog in 1997, our goal has been to present these important recordings to Jimi's fans in the best possible quality. We are excited about achieving that. We've also been intent on generating album releases which present this amazing music in its proper context," explains John McDermott, one of the album's co-producers, together with Janie Hendrix and Eddie Kramer.

Recorded between January 1968 and February 1970, Jimi's desire to push the boundaries of blues music can be heard throughout. Both Sides of the Sky additionally highlights Hendrix's mastery of studio production and his increasing use of these facilities as a proving ground for new sounds, material, and techniques. Many of the album's tracks were recorded by the trio that would come to be known as Band of Gypsys: Hendrix on guitar and vocals, Billy Cox on bass, and Buddy Miles on drums. 

For their first-ever recording session on April 22, 1969, Hendrix turned to their shared musical root, delta blues. Their previously unreleased, uptempo reworking of Muddy Waters' "Mannish Boy" opens the album and sets the tempo for what follows. "Lover Man" was a favored Hendrix original and the guitarist was determined to realize a finished master.  Previous attempts by the original Experience had yet to yield this for Hendrix but this December 1969 effort by the Band Of Gypsys — complete with its homage to the popular Batman theme song — was his strongest effort to date.

"Hear My Train A Comin'" features drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding from the original Jimi Hendrix Experience. This original blues composition had become a staple of Hendrix's concerts. This previously unreleased April 1969 recording captured the furious power and dynamic tension that made the song so memorable. Previously unheard recordings of "Stepping Stone," "Jungle," "Cherokee Mist" (which features Hendrix on both electric guitar and sitar) as well as the January 1968 recording of "Sweet Angel" provide further highlights.

Both Sides of the Sky also features an assortment of notable guest musicians. Stephen Stills befriended Hendrix at the June 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. In September of 1969 Stills was invited to a Hendrix session at the Record Plant in New York. Stills burst into the session with a song Joni Mitchell had recently composed, titled "Woodstock." Joined by Hendrix and Buddy Miles, the trio recorded this version first--months before Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released their popular rendition of Mitchell's song. Stills would also contribute $20 Fine, an original song that featured Hendrix on multiple guitars, Mitchell on drums, Stills on organ and lead vocals and Duane Hitchings (Buddy Miles Express) on piano.

Another of the album's unique band creations sees Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter on guitar, backed by Billy Cox and drummer Dallas Taylor of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. An excerpt of their rendition of Guitar Slim's "Things I Used To Do" was initially heard as part of a 1990 nationally syndicated radio program and accompanying box set, but here it is presented in full, newly mixed by Eddie Kramer for Both Sides of The Sky. On "Georgia Blues," Jimi is reunited with his old bandmate Lonnie Youngblood (vocals/sax) from his pre-fame days in Curtis Knight & The Squires. Briefly issued as part of the 2008 Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues series but out of print for nearly a decade, this special recording is once more available to Hendrix fans throughout the world on all audio formats. 

Both Sides of the Sky was produced by Janie Hendrix, John McDermott, and Eddie Kramer. Kramer served as recording engineer on every Jimi Hendrix album made during the artist's life. In order to preserve the integrity and continuity of the Hendrix legacy, this same team has produced every Jimi Hendrix audio and visual release since 1996.

Janie Hendrix, President and CEO of Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. commented, "We have a growing commitment to preserve the legacy of Jimi and also to continue to give the worldwide family of Jimi fans quality releases. That's what "Both Sides of The Sky reflects…our ongoing commitment. In a deeper sense, it's the keeping of a promise. Jimi and I once made a promise to each other. He said he would take care of me and I told him I would take care him. Through his music and our preservation of his work, my brother and I honor one another. We are now in our third decade of watching over Jimi's creative works and our resolve to maintain the integrity of what he left us has only grown stronger with time."

That is also the purpose for Eddie Kramer's involvement and his devotion to the project. He remarked, "Jimi's true home was the studio, that's where the music and the magic happened. He loved everything about recording and it's been my distinct pleasure and an honor to play a part in that process both then and now."

Both Sides of the Sky tracklist:

1)    Mannish Boy*
2)    Lover Man*
3)    Hear My Train A Comin'*
4)    Stepping Stone*
5)    $20 Fine*+
6)    Power Of Soul^
7)    Jungle*
8)    Things I Used to Do#
9)    Georgia Blues++
10)  Sweet Angel*
11)  Woodstock*+
12)  Send My Love To Linda*
13)  Cherokee Mist*

*Previously unreleased
^ Previously unavailable extended version
+Featuring Stephen Stills
#Featuring Johnny Winter
++Featuring Lonnie Youngblood

Produced by Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer and John McDermott for Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Paul McCartney’s 1965 Christmas Record Is On YouTube

Christmas has come early for fans of Paul McCartney and the Beatles. The long-lost recording he made for the holidays in 1965 has resurfaced online. 

“Unforgettable” was so rare that only three acetate discs were produced, with one given to each member of the Beatles.

“Unfortunately, the quality of these discs was such that they wore out as you played them for a couple of weeks,” McCartney told Mark Lewisohn in 1995, per the book, The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film. “There’s probably a tape somewhere, though.”

Now it's YouTube (see below)

While bootlegs have been quietly traded over the years, that tape ― or what remained of it ― has now been posted online.

McCartney essentially acted as DJ as he made a playlist for his bandmates to enjoy over the holidays.

“It was like a magazine program,” he was quoted as saying. “Full of weird interviews, experimental music, tape loops, some tracks I knew the others hadn’t heard. It was just a compilation of odd things.”

The compilations included songs from Nat King Cole, the Beach Boys, Elvis and more.

“I had two Brenell tape recorders set up at home, on which I made experimental recordings and tape loops, like the ones in ‘Tomorrow Never Knows,’” McCartney said. “And once I put together something crazy, something left-field, just for the other Beatles, a fun thing which they could play late in the evening. It was just something for the mates, basically.”

Monday, December 4, 2017

Styx Announces 2018 Concert Dates

Styx are wrapping up another busy year of touring the U.S., having performed over 100 shows. They’re not showing any signs of taking a break from touring in 2018.

Earlier this summer, Styx announced another special five-night limited engagement with Don Felder in Las Vegas. The “Styx & Don Felder: Renegades In The Fast Lane,” will take place at The Venetian Theatre inside The Venetian on January 26, 27, 31 and February 2, 3, 2018. Tickets are on sale now at,, any box office at The Venetian or The Palazzo, or by calling 702 414 9000 or 866 641 7469.

In addition to the residency in Las Vegas, the rest of Styx’s 2018 tour schedule is already starting to take shape. They’ll join forces once again with fellow legends REO Speedwagon, and very special guest star Don Felder, formerly of the Eagles, starting in Duluth, MN on March 13 at the Amsoil Arena. Tickets for various cities go on sale starting December 1.

Styx is on the road in support of their highly anticipated and critically acclaimed 16th studio album, The Mission, which skyrocketed onto various Billboard charts — including #6 on the “Top Rock Albums” and #11 “Vinyl Albums” charts  — upon its release thanks to a solid album that connected with their longtime fans as well as new fans who are discovering them for the first time.

The Mission, recorded over a two-year period at Blackbird Studios, The Shop, and 6 Studio Amontillado in Nashville, displays the best aspects of the ongoing in-harmony musical intersection of the six-man band: the guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw, co-founding guitarist/vocalist James “JY” Young, keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan, original bassist Chuck Panozzo, drummer/percussionist Todd Sucherman, and bassist Ricky Phillips.

Check out Styx at any of the following stops (with more to be announced on in the coming weeks):


01/18 - Bancrop South Arena - Tupelo, MS       
01/19 - Golden Nugget Lake Charles - Lake Charles, LA   
01/23 - Delta Hall at Eccles Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT   
01/26 - Venetian Theatre/The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV       
01/27 - Venetian Theatre/The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV
01/28 - Saban Theatre - Beverly Hills, CA   
01/31 - Venetian Theatre/The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV
02/02 - Venetian Theatre/The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV
02/03 - Venetian Theatre/The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV
02/21 - The Rose - Pasadena, CA       
02/22 - Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix, AZ       
02/24 - Pala Casino & Resort - Pala, CA       
03/02 - French Lick Resort and Casino - French Lick, IN       
03/03 - Silver Creek Event Center - New Buffalo, MI       
03/05 - 70s Rock & Romance Cruise - Jamaica        ‘

With REO Speedwagon and Don Felder:

03/13 - Amsoil Arena - Duluth, MN       
03/14 - Bismarck Event Center - Bismarck, ND       
03/16 - Swiftel Center - Brookings, SD       
03/17 - TaxSlayer Center -  Moline, IL       
03/19 - Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, MI   
03/20 - Dow Event Center Arena -  Saginaw, MI       
03/23 - Show Me Center - SMSU - Cape Girardeau, MO   
03/24 -  JQH Arena (No Don Felder) - Springfield, MO       
03/25 - Hartman Arena - Park City, KS       
04/06 - Big Sandy Superstore Arena - Huntington, WV       
04/07 -  Bon Secours Arena - Greenville, SC     
04/08 - Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre - Tuscaloosa, AL       
04/10 - Verizon Arena - N. Little Rock, AR   
04/11 - Cajun Dome - Lafayette, LA       
04/14 - The Wharf Amphitheatre - Orange Beach, AL   
04/15 - North Charleston Coliseum - Charleston, SC       

For more information, go to:


REO Speedwagon

Don Felder

Friday, December 1, 2017

Wishbone Ash To Release 30 CD Box Set In 2018

In April 2018, Madfish will release The Vintage Years, a comprehensive 30 CD box set celebrating Wishbone Ash, one of Britain’s most enduring bands. Loaded with rarities, memorabilia, a new interview and a lavish 156-page hardback book, a third of this new collection features previously unheard and unreleased material.

Following decades of being starved of unreleased material from the true vintage years from Wishbone Ash, fans will soon be able to enjoy the long-awaited, remastered anthology from this esteemed and influential band in its pure quality in both musical and printed content.

This box set is strictly limited to 2,500 copies and includes all 16 studio albums between 1970-1991, all of which feature bonus material including rare album outtakes, B-sides and 12 previously unreleased studio tracks. These are presented in mini-gatefold sleeves. Three of the 16 albums are currently out of print on CD (Nouveau Calls, Here to Hear & Strange Affair). The box set will feature brand new cover artwork designed by Colin Elgie, the original designer behind the award-winning Live Dates sleeve artwork.

There are three original live albums (Live Dates, Live Dates Volume Two & Live in Tokyo) and eight previously unreleased live albums (on 11 discs) recorded between 1973 & 1980.

1. Portsmouth Guildhall 1973 (2CD) from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour
2. Southampton University 1973 from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour
3. Edinburgh Usher Hall 1976 from the New England tour
4. Marquee Club 1977 from the Front Page News tour
5. Newcastle City Hall 1977 from the Front Page News tour
6. Bournemouth Winter Gardens 1978 (2CD) from the No Smoke Without Fire tour
7. Guildford Civic Hall 1980 (2CD) from the Just Testing tour
8. Chelmsford Odeon 1980 from the Blowin' Free tour

All music has been remastered from the original multitrack and ¼ inch tapes, sourced from Martin Turner and Andy Powell's personal collections, and from the Universal Music and Atlantic archives. 

Accompanying this thorough collection of repertoire is a 156-page coffee table hardback book written by Classic Rock's Dave Ling, which includes personal photos, rare posters and flyers and collector's memorabilia.

Fans lucky enough to purchase this set also receive:
• 36-page poster book covering the early years through to Here to Hear
• Four reproductions of original posters for:
 - Christmas at the Palace Dec 1973
 - Live Dates European tour – Hamburg Musikhalle 1974
 - Europe 1975 tour
Front Page News tour – Empire Pool Wembley 1977
• Facsimile MCA debut album promo pack
• 7-inch flexi disc for the single “Blind Eye,” the first of the 11 Japanese singles series
• Individually signed photos of each band member

Talking about the release, founder member Martin Turner explains, “I looked after most of these tape recordings for decades, wondering when they would ever see the light of day and I am very glad that they will at last be available for everyone to hear. I wanted to mix the live performances myself, but being a busy chap and not famous for my speediness, we decided to give it all to the wonderful Pete Reynolds whom I believe has done a brilliant job of mixing and remastering a massive collection of work. It's almost like having one's whole musical life in one box. It certainly represents the most comprehensive Wishbone collection that I know of and I hope you enjoy it.”

Andy Powell agrees, “It's truly amazing to look back at the musically fertile 70s and 80s and wonder at the sheer amount of incredible creative output from our band. We had great roots and a really strong blue-print for success. I feel blessed to have played my part in it all and I'm truly thankful that it's set the course for my entire life and all the music that's followed, as the band continues to live on into the 21st century.”

The Vintage Years is so comprehensive and lovingly compiled, with such beautiful and quality accompanying material. If ever there was a box set not to miss, this is it!

For more information:

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dixie Dregs Announce Concert Dates For Original Lineup Reunion

Six-time Grammy-Award nominated musical virtuosos the Dixie Dregs (a.k.a The Dregs), are gearing up for a national U.S. tour starting February 28. The performances will mark the first time in 40 years the original band -- Steve Morse (guitar), Andy West (bass), Allen Sloan (violin), Steve Davidowski (keyboards) and Rod Morgenstein (drums) -- will share the stage. Tickets are on sale now at

The "Dawn Of The Dregs" 25-date tour -- with additional dates to be announced soon -- will take the band across the country starting on February 28 in Clearwater, FL, and make stops in Atlanta, Charleston, Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boulder and Phoenix, among many others, before wrapping April 25 in Dallas, TX.

"This tour is the result of the overwhelming requests we've received from a loyal audience of diehard Dregheads, and new fans who have never seen us perform live, but discovered the band for the first time through Morse's membership in Deep Purple, or Morgenstein as the drummer for Winger," said Dreg's bassist Andy West. "We can't wait to play for them all."

For guitar aficionados, Steve Morse needs no introduction, and his place in the pantheon of guitar greats is certain. But in fact, his career started with the Dixie Dregs. The band traces its true beginnings to the band Dixie Grit, which started in a Georgia high school with Steve on guitar and Andy West on bass. Dixie Grit morphed into the Dixie Dregs at the University of Miami School of Music, where Allen Sloan (violin) and Rod Morgenstein (drums) joined up with Morse and West, who were the "dregs" of Dixie Grit.

The members of the Dixie Dregs remained committed to attending the University of Miami School of Music, which hosted a lively and talented musical community during their tenure, including future greats Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, T Lavitz, and Bruce Hornsby, among many others. In 1975, the group's demo album, The Great Spectacular, was recorded at the University of Miami and then re-released on CD in 1997.

After graduation, the band moved back to Augusta where Steve Davidowski (keyboards) completed the band. They paid their dues and honed their skills playing in bars and venues throughout the South in the mid-70s. They established themselves in the firmament of American instrumental music, seamlessly fusing rock with progressive and jazz elements to create a uniquely instrumental-driven style that has stood the test of time.

Based on a short demo and a tip from former Allman Brothers Band keyboardist Chuck Leavell along with legendary Allman/Dregs tour manager Twiggs Lyndon, Capricorn Records signed the Dixie Dregs to record Free Fall (1977). The success and critical acclaim of Free Fall announced the Dixie Dregs to the world, and after its release, they would become a cult-favorite band that would have a lasting influence on much of modern rock.

Dixie Dregs 2018 Tour Dates:

02/28 - Capitol Theatre - Clearwater, FL                     
03/01 - Ponte Vedra Concert Hall - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL     
03/02 - Bell Auditorium - Augusta, GA                       
03/03 - Center Stage - Atlanta, GA                           
03/05 - Charleston Music Hall - Charleston, SC                   
03/06 - Carolina Theater - Durham, NC                       
03/07 - Lincoln Theater - Washington, DC               
03/08 - The Grand Opera House - Wilmington, DE                   
03/09 - Scottish Rite Auditorium - Collingswood, NJ               
03/10 - Newton Theater - Newton, NJ                         
03/14 - Ridgefield Playhouse - Ridgefield, CT                   
03/15 - The Paramount - Huntington, NY                   
03/16 - Town Hall - New York, NY                     
03/17 - Bearsville Theater - Woodstock, NY                   
03/19 - Wilbur Theater - Boston, MA                         
03/21 - The Egg - Albany, NY                           
03/22 - Carnegie Music Hall - Pittsburgh, PA                     
03/23 - Kent Stage - Cleveland, OH                   
03/24 - The Vic Theater - Chicago, IL                           
04/11 - Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI                   
04/14 - Boulder Theatre - Boulder, CO                         
04/20 - The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA 
04/21 - The Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA                 
04/22 - Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts - Phoenix, AZ                         
04/25 - House of Blues - Dallas, TX                             

For more information on the Dixie Dregs, visit:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2018 Grammy Awards Nominees Include Vintage Rockers

The full list of nominees for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards have been revealed, with Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino leading the way in total nominations. While the awards typically cater to pop artists of the day, the list of nominees also includes Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Gregg Allman.

In the Best Americana Album category, Gregg Allman's Southern Blood joins other nominated albums by Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Iron & Wine, The Mavericks and Brent Cobb.

Bob Dylan's album Triplicate will compete for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, while The Rolling Stones' Blue & Lonsome garnered a Best Traditional Blues Album nod. The Grateful Dead have two nominations for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package (May 1977: Get Shown the Light) and Best Music Film (Long Strange Trip).

Bruce Springsteen is nominated for Best Spoken Word Album behind his autobiography Born To Run. Leonard Cohen got a nod for both Best Rock Performance (along with Chris Cornell) and Best American Roots Performance. Guitarist John McLaughlin is nominated for Best Improvised Jazz Solo.

The Yusuf/Cat Stevens and The Decemberists side-project Offa Rex is up for Best Folk Album. The Best Contemporary Blues Album includes Tedeschi Trucks Band, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’, Sonny Landreth and Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm.

Nominees for Best Rock Album include Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, The War On Drugs, Mastodon and Nothing More, while the Best Alternative Music Album category includes Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem, Father John Misty and The National.

See the full list of nominees at the Grammys website.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will take place January 28 and will be broadcast on CBS.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Led Zeppelin Photographer To Host New Book Party In Los Angeles

Rock photographer Neal Preston will host a book signing, exhibition and sale on Thursday, December 7th at Morrison Hotel Gallery in Los Angeles. Preston will be promoting his new book, Exhilarated And Exhausted, is a complete retrospective of his career spanning almost 50 years.

Published by Reel Art Press on November 6th and produced in collaboration with Preston, the book features over 300 photographs that include glimpses of life backstage, stressful deadlines, a 47-year-case of permanent jet-lag, live performances, post-performance highs and lows, photo shoots gone awry and outtakes — many photos which have never been seen before — are accompanied by incredible personal accounts of touring with Led Zeppelin, The Who and Queen.

The event is open to the public and there is no charge to attend. Books will be available for purchase at the signing or you can purchase a copy online.

As close friend, Cameron Crowe, observes in his foreword: "These images live on. You can feel the music, the audience, the desperate need to find a place in the world, all of it in these photos because they were curated by the guy who felt it all when he pressed the button on the camera."

The lowdown:

Photographer Neal Preston

Neal Preston: Exhilarated And Exhausted book signing, exhibition and sale.

Thursday, December 7th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Morrison Hotel Gallery @ The Sunset Marquis Hotel
1200 Alta Loma Road
West Hollywood, CA

Bob Marley by Neal Preston

Monday, November 27, 2017

70s Prog Rock Band Camel Announces UK Tour Dates

Following a recent announcement that 70s prog-rock band Camel will play London’s Royal Albert Hall in Sept 2018, the band has revealed that this will be preceded by an extensive run of dates in the UK.

During the shows, the band, featuring Andrew Latimer (guitar, flute, vocals), Colin Bass (bass guitar, vocals), Denis Clement (drums), Peter Jones (keyboards, vocals),  will be playing the entirety of their 1976 album Moonmadness, which made the UK Top 20 albums chart and went on to achieve  silver certification. In 2014, the album was voted no. 58 in the Top 100 Prog Albums of All Time by readers of Prog magazine.

The full run of UK dates is as follows. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 1, 2017, at 10:00 AM.

09/07/18 - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK
09/08/18 - Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle, UK
09/09/18 - The Assembly, Leamington, UK
09/10/18 - Friars Aylesbury at The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, UK
09/12/18 - O2 Guildhall, Southampton, UK
09/13/18 - Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK
09/14/18 - Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham, UK
09/17/18 - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

For more information, go to:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Eagles Bassist Timothy B. Schmit To Launch Fall Tour On Friday In Las Vegas

Following his sold-out solo tour earlier this year and a round of arena dates with Eagles, Timothy B. Schmit will launch his fall solo tour in Las Vegas o Friday, November 24.  For the trek, Schmit and his band will perform songs spanning his entire four-decade long career. 

Joining Schmit on tour as opener in Los Angeles (Dec. 3, Saban Theater) and Denver (Dec. 14, Soiled Dove) is fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and former Poco bandmate Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco). Tickets for all shows are on sale now.

Schmit recorded the 12-track Leap Of Faith in his Los Angeles studio with co-producer with engineer Hank Linderman. The record marks the culmination of the Eagles bassist's unhurried, yet inspired reflections of life. Illuminated by an array of fine musicians and singers, the album plays like a multicolored corona around Schmit's distinctive artistry. From the jaunty opening track "My Hat" to the soaring harmonies and heartfelt reflections of "This Waltz," this is more than another album in a great artist's catalog.

Leap Of Faith is available via Benowen Records as a 180 gram 2-LP vinyl set, CD and digitally. For exclusive bundles, visit the Timothy B. Schmit Online Store or iTunes.

On Monday, November 27, at 6:00 pm PT (9:00 pm ET), Schmit will be interviewed live by Jim Ladd on "Deep Tracks," which airs nationwide on SiriusXM, Channel 27.

As a member of the bands the Eagles (since 1977 he can be heard on hits such as "I Can't Tell You Why" and "Love Will Keep Us Alive"), and Poco ("Keep On Tryin'"), Schmit's musical contributions have laid the groundwork to some of pop/folk/rock music's most important songs. He has vocally contributed to such memorable songs as "Look What You've Done To Me" (Boz Skaggs), "Fire Lake" (Bob Seger), to Richard Marx's hit "Don't Mean Nothing" and added bass, guitar and harmonies on Toto's hit singles "I Won't Hold You Back" and "Africa," Crosby Stills and Nash's "Wasted On The Way" and multiple tracks by Steely Dan. He's played internationally as a member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band and Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band.

Timothy B. Schmit tour dates:

11/24 - Orleans Showroom - Las Vegas, NV
11/28 - Golden State Theatre - Monterey, CA
11/30 - Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA
12/01 - The Cave - Big Bear Lake, CA
12/03 - Saban Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
12/06 - Dosey Doe - The Woodlands, TX
12/07 - Dosey Doe - The Woodlands, TX
12/09 - One World Theater - Austin, TX
12/10 - One World Theater - Austin, TX
12/12 - Granada Theater - Dallas, TX
12/14 - Soiled Dove - Denver, CO
12/16 - Mim Theater - Phoenix, AZ
12/17 - Mim Theater - Phoenix, AZ

+Richie Furay opening

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fox News Bans Gene Simmons For Life

Gene Simmons has been banned for life from Fox News following a series of events that took place recently at their company headquarters in Manhattan.

It's been reported that the ban came after Simmons made appearances on Fox & Friends and on the Fox Business Network program Mornings With Maria, followed by an intrusion on a staff meeting.

On Fox & Friends, Simmons crashed the weather report from meteorologist Janice Dean, before doing an interview about his new book On Power, where he reportedly interrupted a staff meeting, shouting out loud, "Hey chicks, sue me" as he opened his shirt, exposing his entire torso. 

Simmons also told some pedophilic jokes about Michael Jackson and two staffers were struck on the head with the On Power book as Simmons made assumptions about their level of intelligence based off the sound that resulted from the blow.

After receiving a series of complaints about his behavior, Kevin Lord, a human resources executive at Fox, made the decision to ban him for life from the network.

Simmons called the reports of his behavior “highly exaggerated and misleading,” but nonetheless apologized for any offensive actions.

In his statement, he added: “I have appeared frequently over the years on various Fox News and Fox Business programs and have a tremendous amount of respect for the talented women and men who work there...I am sincerely sorry that I unintentionally offended members of the Fox team during my visit.” 

No word yet on whether the ban will be lifted.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Peter Frampton To Reissue Grammy Award-Winning Album 'Fingerprints' In January

Peter Frampton will reissue his critically acclaimed instrumental album Fingerprints on January 26 via his own imprint Phenix Phonograph. Originally released in 2006, Fingerprints won the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album and Frampton’s cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” off the album was also nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. In their review of Fingerpirnts, called the album "simple, eloquent and extremely well-crafted."  
The 2018 reissue will feature the record on vinyl for the first time.

Frampton navigates a diverse range of material on Fingerprints, from American soul to Latin balladry and timeless rock. Guest artists include The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman on “Cornerstones”; original Shadows members Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett on “My Cup of Tea”; and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and Matt Cameron joining Frampton for the “Black Hole Sun” cover and the original “Blowin’ Smoke.” Frampton’s core band on Fingerprints features longtime collaborator John Regan (bass), co-producer Gordon Kennedy (guitar and backing vocals), Arthur Stead (keyboards) and Shawn Fichter (drums).

In other Frampton news, the guitarist recently performed his latest single “I Saved A Bird Today” on the PBS Show called Tavis Smiley.

Frampton explains, “‘I Saved A Bird Today’ is a true story about me saving a large bird, an American Coot, who flew into my window and knocked herself out. Then how, with expert advice, I brought her back to life. After learning that Coots only take off from water, I had to ‘Take Her To The River.’ She jumped into the river as I watched her walk, then run atop the water until she finally took off into the city lit night sky. ‘To care for one another is the reason we are here’ is the lyric that sums it up for me. The world has gone mad and the simple things like love, compassion and caring have been overshadowed by hate and greed.”

In 2014, Frampton was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame. He recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of his fifth solo album, Frampton Comes Alive!, which remains one of the top-selling live records of all time.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Passes

Australian guitarist and AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young has died aged 64 after a long battle with dementia.

He died peacefully on Saturday with his family nearby, a statement said.

Young will be remembered for his powerful rhythm guitar riffs that were instrumental in propelling the Sydney heavy rock group to stardom.

"Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many," the statement read. "From the outset, he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans."

Fans and friends of Young have been posting their tributes to the popular musician on social media.
Tom Morello, of Rage Against the Machine, tweeted his thanks to the "#1 greatest rhythm guitarist."

Singer David Coverdale of Whitesnake and formerly with Deep Purple also offered his "thoughts and prayers".

After forming AC/DC in 1973, Young and his brother Angus were credited as co-writers on every song the band recorded by the band between their 1975 debut High Voltage through to 2014's Rock or Bust.

Malcolm Young was born in 1953 in Glasgow before his family emigrated to Australia when he was 10. His family confirmed he was suffering from dementia in 2014.

He wrote much of the band's the material that enabled AC/DC to become one of the biggest heavy rock bands, including "Back In Black," "Highway to Hell," and "You Shook Me All Night Long."

The group is estimated to have sold more than 200 million records worldwide, including 71.5 million albums in the US.

A statement by Angus Young on the AC/DC website praises Malcolm Young's "enormous dedication and commitment" which made him "the driving force behind the band" who "always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted."

"As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever. Malcolm, job well done."

Friday, November 17, 2017

Graceland Launches Elvis-Themed Day Trips

The house where Elvis was born

Elvis Presley's Graceland has launched new day trips to Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley's birthplace, and the Mississippi Delta region, titled Graceland Excursions.

According to a press release, the Graceland Excursions Tupelo trip will include Elvis' Birthplace, encompassing the legendary two-room "shotgun" house where Elvis was born, his childhood church, and the Birthplace Museum; Tupelo Hardware, where Elvis' mother Gladys purchased Elvis' first guitar; and the Tupelo Fairgrounds, where Elvis performed homecoming concerts in 1956 and 1957.

The Graceland Excursions Mississippi Delta trip will follow U.S. 61, known as the "Blues Highway," and make stops at the Gateway to the Blues Museum in Tunica, Mississippi; the legendary "Crossroads" and Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi; Dockery Farms, widely regarded as where the Delta Blues genre was born; and the state-of-the-art, GRAMMY® Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Graceland Excursions will preview with select dates in December 2017 and early January 2018, with an official launch of its regular, weekly schedule beginning on January 12, 2018.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' Gets Second Life Thanks to 'Thor'

Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" returns to No. 1 on a Billboard chart thanks, once again, to Thor: Ragnarok.

After originally appearing in the film's trailer this spring (spurring a 7,000-download sales week on April 29-dated charts, according to Nielsen Music, good for No. 1 that frame on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales), the 1970 classic off Led Zeppelin III jumps back to No. 1 (from No. 14) on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales after being included in the Thor film itself, which opened in North American theaters November 3.

"Immigrant" increases by a whopping 977 percent to 18,000 sold in the week ending Nov. 9, up from 2,000 in the previous week. That's the best tally for the song since it was first released digitally; it moved 14,000 its first week out as a download, nearly a decade prior (reflected on the chart dated Dec. 1, 2007).

Its latest sales sum is also good for No. 3 on Rock Digital Song Sales, the band's best rank on the chart, eclipsing the then-No. 9 peak of "Immigrant" earlier this year when the Thor trailer premiered. The track re-enters the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart at No. 27, marking the band's highest position and first appearance since Dec. 8, 2007.

Fueled by its sales surge and 133 percent boost to 2.1 million U.S. streams, "Immigrant" returns at a new No. 4 high on Hot Rock Songs, where older songs can re-enter if showing a meaningful increase and ranking in the top 25. The song previously hit No. 16 powered by the Thor trailer earlier this year.

That's not all. On the Billboard 200, Mothership, the Led Zeppelin greatest hits compilation released in 2007 concurrent with the band's digital debut, leaps 166-80 with a 70 percent gain to 8,000 equivalent album units. While track and streaming equivalent units make for a sizable chunk of that overall total, Mothership moved 2,000 in pure sales, a 71 percent increase. The set also bounds 11-2 on Hard Rock Albums.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Toto's Greatest Hits Featuring Three New Tracks Coming February 9th

Toto has announced a February 9th worldwide release date on Legacy Recordings (a division of Sony Music) for their brand new greatest hits package 40 Trips Around The Sun.  The 17-track album features three previously unreleased recordings: “Spanish Sea,” “Alone” and “Struck By Lightning,” alongside newly remastered classic tracks worked on by Elliot Scheiner & Gavin Lurssen and his team.  The core Toto members — Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams — re-entered the studio earlier this year to work on this release.

While going through the Sony vaults, the band uncovered several unfinished tracks that featured both Jeff and Mike Porcaro, one of which is now “Spanish Sea.”

“This track is originally from the Isolation sessions,” Lukather says. “It’s one that didn't make it and we had to re-write it including creating a new chorus. Thanks to modern tech we were able to play once again with not only our 20 something selves but with our dear brothers Jeff and Mike Porcaro reminding us just how deep their groove was. Bittersweet... Many stories, laughs and a few tears on this one.  It’s classic Toto with an excellent solo and I kept my old 1985 melody solo Dave wanted me to do... Old meets new but since legendary pal Al Schmitt cut the tracks and Bob Clearmountain sounds like it was done 2 weeks ago not 30 + years ago!”

All fans who pre-order the album beginning today will receive “Alone” as an instant grat track.
According to Lukather, “Alone is a brand new song.

“This one was written with just the four of us really writing together and no one else in the room with us," he says. "We wanted to start with an ‘up’ song in terms of groove for the album. The lyric is darker but we are older guys now ands have lived life. The good, bad and ugly... we have lived it all and in the end we are all alone anyway. Proud of this piece and it just sort of organically happened.”

“Struck By Lightning,” the third new track on 40 Trips Around The Sun, began with David Paich.

“I had the opening riff in my head for months,” Paich says. “Joe and the guys helped flesh this one out.  I love the heavy arrangement and Luke’s solo on it is an all time great!”

Beginning on February 11th in Helsinki, the band will begin the first leg of their worldwide 40 Trips Around The Sun tour in support of their 40th anniversary. For Europe, 36 shows have been announced to date. The tour will be the band’s most extensive run in years and is expected to hit the U.S. later in 2018. More shows will be announced shortly.

40 Trips Around The Sun Track Listing:

  1. Alone
  2. Spanish Sea
  3. I'll Supply The Love
  4. I'll Be Over You
  5. Stranger In Town
  6. 99
  7. Struck By Lightning
  8. Pamela
  9. Afraid Of Love
  10. I Won't Hold You Back
  11. Jake To The Bone
  12. Stop Loving You
  13. Lea
  14. Hold The Line
  15. George Porgy
  16. Rosanna
  17. Africa

40 Trips Around The Sun 2018 European Tour:

02/11 - Icehall - Helsinki, FI
02/12 - Nordea Concert Hall - Tallinn, EE
02/14 - Fryshuset - Stockholm, SE
02/16 - Spektrum - Oslo, NO
02/17 - Forum - Copenhagen, DK
02/19 - Mehr! Theater - Hamburg, DE
02/21 - Mitsubishi-Electric Hall - Dusseldorf, DE
02/22 - Olympiahalle - Munich, DE
02/24 -  C-Halle - Berlin, DE
02/25 - Haus Auensee - Leipzig, DE
02/27 - Forum Karlin - Prague, CZ
02/28 - Tauron Arena - Krakow, PL
03/02 - Gasometer - Vienna, AT
03/04 - National Palace Of Culture - Sofia, BG
03/05 - Boris Trajkovski Sports Hall - Skopje, MK
03/09 - Dom Sportova - Zagreb, HR
03/10 - Mediolanum Forum - Milan, IT
03/12 - Hallenstadion - Zurich, CH
03/13 - Porsche Arena - Stuttgart, DE
03/15 - Zenith - Lille, FR
03/17 - Ziggo Dome - Amsterdam, NL
03/18 - Forest National - Brussels, BE
03/20 - Stadthalle - Offenbach, DE
03/22 - Arena Geneva - Geneva, CH
03/23 - Unipol Arena - Bologna, IT
03/25 - Dome - Marseille, FR
03/26 - Zenith - Toulouse, FR
03/27 - Halle Tony Garnier - Lyon, FR
03/29 - Rockhal - Luxembourg City, LU
03/30 - La Seine Musicale - Paris, FR
04/01 - Royal Albert Hall - London, UK
04/02 - Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, UK
04/04 - Vicar Street - Dublin, IE
04/05 - Vicar Street - Dublin, IE
04/07 - Waterfront Auditorium - Belfast, UK
04/08 - SEC Armadillo - Glasgow, UK

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ian Anderson Announces 2018 U.S. Tour Celebrating 50 Years Of Jethro Tull

It was on February 2, 1968 at the world-famous Marquee Club in Wardour Street that Jethro Tull first performed under that name. The group would go on to become one of the most successful and enduring bands of their era, selling over 60 million albums worldwide and entering the cultural collective consciousness along the way.

To celebrate this golden anniversary, Ian Anderson will present 50 years of Jethro Tull in summertime U.S. concerts, as part of the worldwide touring schedule.

The debut album, This Was, was released later that same year.  Founder, frontman and flautist Ian Anderson is rightly credited with introducing the flute to rock as a front line instrument, not to mention the codpiece.

Jethro Tull are one of the biggest selling progressive rock artists of all time, and the group’s immense and diverse catalog of work encompasses folk, blues, classical and heavy rock stylings. The anniversary concerts will feature a broad mix of material, some of it focusing on the earlier formative period through to the “heavy hitters” of the Tull catalog from the albums This Was, Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung, Thick As A Brick, Too Old To Rock And Roll: Too Young To Die, Songs From The Wood, Heavy Horses, Crest Of A Knave and even a touch of TAAB2 from 2012.

“I am not usually a birthday or anniversary kind of guy but, just for once, I won't be a party-pooper either!" Anderson says. "I treasure the memories of the earlier years of Jethro Tull repertoire, associated as it is with the adventures of visiting so many countries for the first time to connect with new fans around the world. And this is a celebration of all the 33 band members who graced our ranks - musicians who brought their talents, skills and styles to bear on the performances live and in the studio. Join me and the current band for a nostalgic evening of varied music, representative of my ever-changing songwriting as our careers progressed through the years.”

Ian Anderson is accompanied by Tull band musicians David Goodier (bass), John O'Hara (keyboards), Florian Opahle (guitar), Scott Hammond (drums) and surprise virtual guests.

Formed in 1968, Jethro Tull have released 30 studio and live albums, selling more than 60 million copies worldwide. During their 50-year history, the band has performed over 3,000 concerts in more than 50 countries, playing 100+ concerts each year.

Jethro Tull by Ian Anderson 50th Anniversary Tour Dates
(Most shows on sale this Friday, but some on Nov. 17 or 18, Woodinville, WA on-sale March 2018)
5/30/18 - Comerica Theatre - Phoenix, AZ   
6/01/18 - Greek Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
6/02/18 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA
6/03/18 - Vina Robles Amphitheatre - Paso Robles, CA
6/05/18 - Visalia Fox Theatre - Visalia, CA 
6/06/18 - Sacramento Community Theater - Sacramento, CA
6/08/18 - Les Schwab Amphitheater - Bend, OR 
6/09/18 - Edgefield - Troutdale, OR
6/10/18 - Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery - Woodinville, WA
6/29/18 - Fox Theatre - St. Louis, MO
6/30/18 - Four Winds Casino Resort - New Buffalo, MI 
7/01/18 - Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre - Sterling Heights, MI
7/03/18 - Budweiser Stage - Toronto, ON
8/31/18 - State Theatre - Minneapolis, MN
9/01/18 - Starlight Theatre - Kansas City, MO
9/03/18 - Ravinia Festival - Highland Park, IL
9/05/18 - Rose Music Center at the Heights - Huber Heights, OH
9/07/18 - Wolf Trap - Vienna, VA
9/08/18 - Mann Center for the Performing Arts - Philadelphia, PA
9/09/18 - Blue Hills Bank Pavilion - Boston, MA 
9/11/18 - Beacon Theatre - New York, NY