Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grand Funk's 'Shinin' On' Limited Edition Hybrid SACD Packaged With Original 3-D Art To Be Released

On January 27, Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity will release Grand Funk's popular classic rock album Shinin' On on limited edition hybrid SACD. Riding high off the success of their 1973 We're An American Band hit album and tour, Grand Funk retained Todd Rundgren to produce Shinin' On, the band's eighth album.

Don Brewer, Mark Farner, Mel Schacher and Craig Frost took the band to another level. The songs are tight, the vocals are excellent and the group is in top form. Shinin' On is pure Grand Funk and considered a favorite among many fans and critics.

Shinin' On's best songs are the tracks that became the hit single releases: the SACD opens with the dynamic title track augmented by Craig Frost's keyboard work and pumped-up behind Don Brewer’s aggressive vocals the track infuses its hard-driving, spacey rock groove with some surprisingly ethereal vocal harmonies. The cover of the Carole King and Gerry Goffin penned “The Loco-Motion” turned this dance classic on its ear with a stomping beat and a screeching guitar lead from Mark Farner that shot the chuggin' pop remake straight to #1 on the Billboard singles chart and helped drive gigantic album sales.

Closing out the album is Grand Funk's amped-up blues rocker “Little Johnny Hooker,” which features Farner's powerful and driving guitar work.

The original album was packaged in a cosmic 3-D sleeve that had a pair of 3-D glasses embedded in the front cover to best appreciate the dramatic art work. Each Audio Fidelity Shinin' On SACD slip case will include a pair of 3-D glasses so the art work can be viewed as originally intended.

Grand Funk Railroad's official website: http://grandfunkrailroad.com/
Mark Farner's official website: http://www.markfarner.com/

For more information: www.audiofidelity.net