Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Guns N' Roses May Be Planning 'Appetite For Destruction' 30th Anniversary Show In NYC

Appetite For Destruction, Guns N’ Roses' classic debut album turns 30 on Friday (July 21), and the band appear to be teasing a special anniversary show or shows.

On Twitter, a fan shared GnR posters featuring the “Appetite30th” hashtag that appear in and around New York City’s Apollo Theater, suggesting the band could be preparing to play there to mark the album’s birthday.

In 2016, the group reunited with original members Slash and Duff McKagan for the first time in two decades. Guitarist Matt Fortus, who has been a member of the band since 2002, has recently spoken about plans for a new album.

“We haven’t started recording anything," he said. "When I say that, as far as in the studio doing an album. We’ve been recording a lot of stuff, just ideas, assembling ideas, but not going into a studio and actually tracking a new record.”

He added: “It’s sort of too good not to happen at this point, that’s how I feel about it. This band is really a force right now, and I definitely hope that we do, and I think we’re all sort of counting on it, and we’re also planning on it.”

The guitarist went on to praise frontman Axl Rose’s songwriting skills, saying: “I think the genius of Axl is his ability to assemble songs, from different parts, and make them feel cohesive as a song. I’ve never seen anybody able to do that in the same way.”