Monday, October 2, 2017

Keith Emerson's 'Emerson Plays Emerson' CD Reissued

The Keith Emerson Estate has reissued Emerson Plays Emerson, an album of Keith Emerson keyboard pieces that has long been out of print and a collector's item.

The reissue, available on the Emersongs label via Cherry Red. uses a fresh transfer of the master tapes by Abbey Road, a 2017 remaster, and artwork from the original art files. The booklet contains the liner notes in English, Italian and German.

The members of Emerson's family oversaw the preparation of Emerson Plays Emerson, and are  preparing to approve a music transcriptions book of the album for release in early 2018. The family is focused on celebrating and enhancing the famed keyboardist's musical legacy and supporting projects to further the appreciation of his life's work.

“Since the passing of my father, we have been inundated with requests for a reissue of the album Emerson Plays Emerson," the musician's son Aaron says. "This album was a labor of love for Dad, so we decided to go with the original artwork to stay as true to the original as possible as we understand how happy Dad was with it. I know he would be happy with this reissue, so on behalf of myself, Jo and my boys, of Damon and his family, of my mother Elinor, and of my father's fiancĂ© Mari, and with thanks to Daniel Earnshaw, Martin Darvill and Stewart Young for all their hard work, we hope you enjoy it!”

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